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About Us

JJ Law

The attorneys at JJ Law have a conviction that the vocation of law is a calling from God. With God’s calling comes the responsibility and stewardship of integrating Christian faith and law. As Christian lawyers, we recognize the privilege and responsibility of providing legal counseling consistent with scripture. We further believe that the practice of law should be in pursuit of the truth so that our clients will have a clear conscience in all that they do in the Virginia legal system.

We represent a broad range of clients and understand that no two situations are exactly the same. However, in all our cases we try to work with our clients in order to not only obtain the most favorable decision, but also to ensure to the greatest extent possible that the final resolution occurs in a timely manner and will last. It is our commitment to provide creative solutions, responsive service, and cost effective legal representation.

We enjoy helping our clients with their legal issues. It is difficult to work through the court system and therefore it is our goal that our clients emerge from their interaction with our firm stronger and  well-equipped to start a new future.